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Our massage candles offer you a moment of relaxation, while nourishing and perfuming your skin! Let yourself be seduced by our wide range of subtle and refined fragrances. Our 100% natural waxes are transformed into a relaxing and moisturizing massage oil. It allows to nourish your skin in depth while providing a feeling of well-being.

Massage candle : composition and benefits

Our massage candles are made from soy and beeswax enriched with coconut oil by our craftsmen. They have many benefits for the body. The soft and creamy oil obtained after the combustion of the natural wax nourishes the skin in depth. It gives it a more toned, firmer and velvety appearance.

The Sapone & Sens massage candle perfumes and envelops your body with a soft warmth and gives you an intense feeling of well-being

The candle massage allows you to release tension and soothe your body thanks to the combination of different massage therapy techniques and the comforting warmth of the soothing oil

You will live an intense experience with this type of product: you will come out of your massage feeling relaxed

Why use a massage candle?

The massage candle is ideal to offer you a moment of relaxation like at the spa. It provides many benefits to the body and mind thanks to the anti-stress virtues of the beneficial oils and their softness

You are probably wondering why you should choose a massage candle and not a massage oil? The notable difference between these two wellness products is the sensation of soft warmth that you will feel during the massage as well as a more hydrated and less oily skin than with a classic massage oil

Note also that you can be massaged with candles as well in solo, as a couple or between friends

In order to offer you a real relaxing interlude, we have elaborated for you the Spa Discovery Sets composed of an exfoliating fluid and a massage candle. They are perfect for moisturizing and pampering your body while staying at home.

How to use a massage candle?

Here are all the steps to follow in order to fully enjoy the candle massage

- Light the candle before your massage session begins.
- Let the candle burn until the wax becomes liquid all over the surface.
- Check the temperature of the wax before you begin by slowly pouring the oil into the palm of your hand.
- If it is liquid and warm enough, tilt the candle slightly so that the oil can spread over the body part to be massaged. This is when the massage and the feeling of well-being are optimal. You will be enveloped by its soft heat and its subtle perfume

To take full advantage of this unique moment, make sure the environment is calm and quiet and conducive to relaxation. If the occasion lends itself to it, you can put soft and relaxing music in the background

Which perfume to choose?

We offer you more than 20 exquisite fragrances. You can choose a massage candle with exotic scents, floral, gourmand or even fruity. It all depends on your taste and your mood

Candle massages have multiple benefits on your body and your skin. In addition, the scent that emanates from our massage candles is intoxicating and transports you to the other side of the world!

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