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Massage boxes - Sapone & Sens

Stop for a moment and take the time to listen to your body... A wellness break is essential... Each box has been designed to offer you a moment of relaxation to pamper your body

The benefits of our massage boxes

Our massage candle sets allow a particular well-being of the body. The massage is performed on a part or the whole body in order to relax both the mind and the muscles.

Massage with dynamic and soft movements on your skin, for a real moment of pleasure and relaxation.

For this purpose, we offer you "SPA Discovery" sets composed of an exfoliating fluid and a massage candle or a soap with a modeling wax. These products have exceptional benefits and are designed to prepare your skin to take full advantage of the virtues of massage and deep moisturizing of your skin.

To choose the right box :

For the realization of a candle massage, it is important to choose your box SAPONE & SENS. Choose the theme according to the season and your preferences.

For your greatest pleasure, we have elaborated massage sets with different themes to offer you the plurality of our products: Island Discovery Set, Relaxation Set and Gourmet Gift Set. They allow you to discover 2 scents at the same time

For an experience close to the spa, we have created dedicated "SPA Discovery" boxes. They are composed of an exfoliating fluid accompanied by a massage candle or a solid soap and a modeling wax

Choose among these boxes according to your favorite scents and your favorites.

How to use our massage sets?

For the proper use of your massage candle SAPONE & SENS and to fully enjoy your moment of happiness, several steps of preparation are to be followed.

First of all, you will have to make sure that the environment in which the massage is performed is calm

Light it until you have a liquid oil, sufficient for your massage.

Move away from any distractions and put on some background music for more relaxation.

Remember to put a towel around the candle to prevent the oil from spilling out!

Then, once you have obtained the amount needed for the massage, extinguish the flame and pour the oil into the palm of your hand to check its temperature (it should be lukewarm). Apply the oil on the body with dynamic and relaxing movements. It penetrates quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy film and moisturizes it deeply.

Thus, for the good use of the boxes "Discovery SPA", the exfoliating fluids are to be applied to a dry or wet skin by light circular motions, by insisting on the rough zones (knees, feet, elbows...). Finally, rinse off under the shower.

As for the modeling wax, it is used similarly to a massage candle. Simply apply it to the body by making movements related to massage techniques for a moment of pure relaxation

The advantage of our massage boxes:

They allow you to discover new scents thanks to the small size of the massage candles but also to enjoy a unique moment of relaxation with their relaxing scents and their 100% natural composition

Offer it as a gift for a special occasion or enjoy it as a duo, are its best uses!

The "Discovery SPA" boxes composed of a scrubbing fluid and a modeling wax with a complementary soap or a massage candle are the perfect combo for a relaxing day alone or always in duo. Their composition is ideal for you.

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