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Handcrafted and natural scented candles - Sapone & Sens

The scented candle SAPONE & SENS: a unique and original product

Our scented candles SAPONE & SENS are handcrafted candles made in the south of France by our talented wax master.

To offer you a quality product, he uses a 100% vegetable wax as well as quality perfumes from the high perfumery of Grasse. Their fragrance and their authenticity dress and sublimate your interior.

To ensure a better burning of our candles, we use untreated wooden wicks. These do not need to be cut and leave less black residue on the wall of the candle

The wooden wick gives you a light crackling sound , similar to that of a fire in a fireplace. It recreates the special atmosphere of magical evenings by the fire

Which scented candle to choose?

Each of our scented candles has a unique character and promises you a pure moment of happiness that will take you wherever you want to go!

At SAPONE & SENS, we offer you a wide choice of carefully selected fragrances. They perfume and personalize your home with elegance and subtlety

Choose your candle according to your desires, your moods, your preferences and discover new olfactory sensations!

How to use the scented candles ?

To use your scented candle SAPONE & SENS safely, discover our advice below

  • For the first use of your candle, let it burn until the wax is melted to the edge of the glass. Otherwise, this could result in uneven burning of the wax and a crater in your candle
  • Do not place the candle on a fragile surface or near flammable objects;
  • Do not leave your candle near a draft so that it melts evenly;
  • Your candle should not be left without adult supervision and should not be left within the reach of children;
  • A scented candle should not remain lit for more than 3 consecutive hours;
  • Never go to the bottom of the glass, you must always leave at least 1 cm of wax not to weaken the glass;
  • Extinguish the candle with care by blowing gently on the wooden wick to avoid any projection of hot liquid wax. You can also use a snuffer (small metal cone with a handle);
  • Air the room for a few minutes afterwards.

Candles to offer or to offer yourself

The scented candles SAPONE & SENS allow you to decorate your interior and are also the symbol of the craft industry and the Made in France.

They are to be offered or to be offered to oneself, for a unique and scented gift which will not cease to amaze you

Scented, with a discreet and sober design, the SAPONE & SENS candle will enchant the person to whom you offer it for all occasions.

For a very nice gift, discover also our collection "Les Editions LUXE

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