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Superfatted Soaps - Cold Saponified SAPONE & SENS

Are you looking fora solid and natural soap that takes care of your skin? It is undoubtedly the cold saponified soap surgras! Enriched with organic vegetable oils (sweet almond, borage, argan or avocado), it is soft and moisturizing

Our cold process soaps are generous, creamy, their deliciously scented foam will relax you. Their natural glycerin, known for its moisturizing properties, will soften your skin. They can be used on the hands, body and face

Cold-saponified by our talented master soap makers in our workshops in the south of France, our solid soaps are available in two sizes (45g or 100g) and in several divine scents!

To help you discover them, we have designed several Mini Soap Packs that allow you to experience our different scents. They are perfect to offer or to offer yourself.

Presented in an elegant box or in an organza bag, our mini soaps will accompany you everywhere in your home

Cold process soap and its benefits

Why choose cold process soap?

Cold process soap is a solid soap made by a chemical reaction called cold process saponification. Cold saponification has been known for thousands of years and is still used by artisanal soap makers to make the softest and most moisturizing soaps for the skin in a 100% natural way

Saponification is a chemical reaction that slowly but surely produces soap and glycerin. To cause this reaction, an ester (fat) is mixed with a strong base (soda or potash)

It is important to note that solid soaps produced by cold saponification are very nourishing and 100% biodegradable

The advantages of cold process saponification

Are you wondering why we chose this type of manufacturing process? Simply because the environmental impact of this method is lower, as it requires little energy and water consumption. Our cold process soaps are therefore part of an ecological, ethical and responsible approach

Another advantage is that the glycerin produced during this reaction remains naturally in our soaps unlike other types of manufacturing. We have chosen this technique in order to preserve as much as possible the beneficial properties of the vegetable oils we use

Our commitment is to always offer you the best quality while respecting your skin, your health and nature!

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